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Lo que es nuevo

Version 1.88

+ added Rectangular Area Fill Graphics PCL sequences support
* small bugs fixes

Version 1.87

+ added the ability to create and include QR-code into DOS reports from the text file
+ added the ability to specify the title of the print job at runtime, this is useful for printing accounting systems
+ added the ability to specify the name of an output file at runtime, this is useful for silent printing into PDF (for example, with "Microsoft Print to PDF" printer)
+ new command line option "output"
* now it is possible to scale embedded graphics files
* small bugs fixes

Version 1.86

+ opción de emulación de secuencias de escape de habilitar/deshabilitar agregada
+ agregó la capacidad de ejecutar múltiples copias de DOSPRN con diferentes perfiles
+ comprobador de noticias añadido
+ nuevas opciones de línea de comandos "spool", "profile", "capture", "autoprint", "title"
+ la capacidad de capturar informes de DOS ultra grandes (hasta 8 MB de forma predeterminada)
* Se admiten nombres de impresoras coreano/chino/japonés
* Compatibilidad con Windows9x restaurada
* pequeñas correcciones de errores

Versión 1.85

+ Se agregó la mezcla de color CMYK para la emulación de gráficos EPSON ESC/P
* ligera aceleración de impresión
* Corrección de pequeños errores

Versión 1.84

+ soporte adicional de 932 (Japón), 949 (Coreano), 936 (Chino simplificado) y 950 (Chino tradicional) páginas de códigos
+ nuevas opciones de línea de comandos son compatibles
* cambios de interfaz menores
* Corrección de pequeños errores

Versión 1.83

+ admite incluir archivos gráficos en los informes de DOS
+ Se agregó la capacidad de cambiar el LPT capturado en tiempo de ejecución
* correcciones de errores en el controlador de captura residente

Versión 1.82

+ soporte adicional de muchas opciones de línea de comando para iniciar DOSPRN
* Corrección de pequeños errores

Version 1.81

+ Se agregó la capacidad de habilitar / deshabilitar la función 'Puerto de captura' en Windows XP/7/8/10 (32 bits)
+ emulación agregada de la especificación 'IBM Proprinter'
+ soporte adicional de la página de códigos 864 (Árabe)
* Corrección de pequeños errores

Version 1.80

+ Windows7 (32bit) and Windows8 (32bit) are supported in default configuration
+ added support of "Epson ESC/P" and "Epson 9pin ESC/P" specifications separately
+ added "CR as CR/LF" feature
* spool file located in the %USERPROFILE% directory by default
* printing accelerated
* minor ESC/P graphics bug fixed

Version 1.79

+ added XP styles support
+ added language interface in Norwegian
+ added language interface in Finnish
+ added support of 865 (Nordic) codepage
* saving default Bold/Italic/Underline settings bug fixed
* minor PCL absolute positioning bug fixed
* bug with "empty bitmap graphics" fixed

Version 1.78

+ added "Reverse paper feed" ESC/P escape sequences support
+ added "Set Unit" sequences support
+ added language interface in Slovenian
+ added language interface in Hebrew
+ added support of 895 (Kamenicky (Czech)) codepage
+ added support of IBM 851 (Germany) codepage
+ added support of Farsi codepage
+ DOS-box "PrintScreen" mode support added
* further improvements in capture driver PRN2FILE
* empty paper sheets will be ignored
* changing system printers list bug fixed
* minor interface bug fixed
* bug with "*.*" filemask fixed
* command line commands improved

Version 1.77

+ added compound PCL escape sequences support
+ added "Half Line Feed" sequences support
+ double height sequences support fixed
+ added interface in Turkish
* new sequences description language
* further improvements in capture driver PRN2FILE
* long printer name bug fixed

Version 1.76

+ added paper feed positioning sequences support
+ double height sequences support fixed
+ added interface in Portuguese
+ added "Select 15-cpi" sequences support
* printing speed slightly enhancing
* save settings bug fixed

Version 1.75

+ added horizontal (in columns) and vertical (in rows) positioning sequences support
+ added left and right margins sequences support
+ added top margins and page length sequences support
+ added horizontal and vertical motion index sequences support
+ added relative horizontal and vertical positioning sequences support
+ added international ASCII character set switching sequences support

Version 1.74

+ new improved capture driver PRN2FILE released
+ added filemask support for temporary spool buffer file names
* fixed "integer overflow" bug
* fixed monospaced fonts recognizing algorithm

Version 1.73

+ added interfaces in Catalan, Croatian, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian and Romanian languages
+ added support of 857 (Turkish) codepage
+ added new command line parameter "dialog"
+ new "select bit image" sequences support
+ new "set intercharacter space" sequences support
* improved emulation of dot graphics sequences
* fixed bug on misuse default font style settings
* fixed bug on "frozen state" at the time of report processing
* fixed bug on "line spacing" sequences emulation

Version 1.72

+ added emulation of dot graphics sequences
+ added emulation of vertical and horizontal tabulation sequences
+ added interfaces in Espanol, Italiano, Latvian, Czech and Slovak languages
+ added support of Latvian (775) and Ukrainian (1125) codepages
+ added new command line parameters "Exit"
* PCL emulation can process parameters with floating point
* fixed bug on proportional fonts selection
* fixed bug on incorrect DOSprn behavior after "Print File" performs
* fixed bug on "no printers installed" after reboot

Version 1.71

+ added emulation of "Double Height" sequences
+ last selected printer will be saved for the next session
* when DOSprn starts minimized in tray, it doesn't switch over from the full-screen to window mode, thus no interruption of the full-screen mode of your DOS application takes place
* fixed bug on changing paper orientation
* fixed bug on calculation of page parameters after printer change

Version 1.70

! the major "Divide overflow" bug is fixed
+ printing of a file can be initiated by putting a file name in the command line
+ "Reset" sequences will emulate printer reset
+ added emulation of HP PCL sequences palette
+ added interfaces in Polish and Swedish languages
+ added support of Hebrew codepage 862
* interface module in Deutsch is corrected
* program loading becomes faster

Version 1.69

+ new "Color" sequences enable color setup for printed text
+ added emulation of "Subscript" and "Superscript" sequences that enable printing of these special indexes
+ new "Vertical Position" and "Horizontal Position" sequences enable adjusting the position of the printed text on a sheet of paper
* interface module in French language is corrected
* fixed bugs in sequences processing
* settings are saved on shutdown

Version 1.68

+ new CPI and LPI parameters enable setting up chars and lines per inch separately as default numbers for all printed documents
+ new "Font Size" sequence enables setting up a size of a printed font
+ new "Ignore" sequence enables ignoring non-supported ESC-P sequences
+ added alternative sets of sequences that support user programs in more enhanced way
+ custom palettes of sequences can be added to DOSprn
+ sequences editor has been dramatically improved
+ added support of Greek codepage 737
+ added support of Bulgarian codepage 855 
+ added interfaces in Deutsch, French and Bulgarian languages
* initialization sequence of a printing task is linked to the current sequence palette

Version 1.67

+ added minor improvements in sequences editor
* fixed a bug of non-saving settings made under non-administrative user accounts in WinNT/2k/XP

Version 1.66

+ added support of Latin codepage 850

Version 1.65

+ added support of Unicode character mapping
+ added support of Latin codepage 852
* fixed some bugs in the interface

Version 1.64

+ added setup of right and bottom margin for printing
+ installation for Win NT/2000/XP has been improved
* fixed some bugs in the interface

Version 1.63

+ added install and uninstall
* fixed bugs in localization

Version 1.62

* ASCII charset preview window is properly sized
* fixed bug on printing texts shorter than sixteen bytes
* fixed bug on sequences table display


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